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Re: delete-selection-mode as default

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: delete-selection-mode as default
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2018 02:30:13 +0300
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> But we should also offer a command that just activates the region,
> nothing more. By default that would be unbound (or at most bound
> to something other than `C-x C-x').

This is an interesting idea.  Often there is need to type C-x four(!) times:
first `C-x C-x' to activate the region, and another `C-x C-x' to put point
back where it was before previous swapping point and mark with `C-x C-x'
because some commands expect point to be at certain boundary of the region,
like query-replace operating on the region with the initial position
at the region beginning.

So perhaps `activate-mark' should be a command, preferably
bound to some easy to type key like `C-x C-SPC'.

> `C-x C-x' bound to a command that just swaps point and mark
> without activating the region

`C-u C-x C-x' swaps point and mark without activating the region,
so a new customizable option could invert the meaning of its prefix arg,
and its default value could depend of whether d-s-m is active.

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