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string-to-multibyte and string-make-*byte (was: Towards a cleaner build)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: string-to-multibyte and string-make-*byte (was: Towards a cleaner build)
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2019 11:54:59 -0400
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>>>> I think, just as for string-to-unibyte, we likely should un-obsolete
>>>> string-to-multibyte.
>>> Yes, I think so too -- they are sometimes what one needs to do...
>> This has been mooted a few times in the past, too, and nobody has
>> protested.  So I'll go ahead and remove the obsoletions of those two
>> functions (and note it in NEWS).
> Oh, I missed that string-to-unibyte had already been unobsoleted, but
> string-to-multibyte hadn't.  So perhaps there were objections to that
> part that I missed?

No, I think when string-to-unibyte was de-obsoleted the other one just
didn't come up, but I don't think there's a string objection.

While I'm here, I'd suggest that we turn string-make-*byte into obsolete
aliases for string-to-*byte (their specific behavior has always been
heuristic in nature, and we changed `insert` to implicitly do
string-to-*byte instead of string-make-*byte when needed, so it seems
natural to do that).


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