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Re: Gnus nnir patch for Emacs 26?

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: Gnus nnir patch for Emacs 26?
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2019 09:03:34 +0300

> From: Eric Abrahamsen <address@hidden>
> Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2019 15:20:52 -0700
> > If this patch indeed fixes the problem, it's okay for emacs-26, but
> > please only add that one line, don't reindent anything and don't
> > replace lambda with its fancier equivalent.  Just the minimal required
> > change.
> Here's a proper commit with a simpler-looking version that doesn't
> re-indent everything. I've done before-and-after tests and this works
> just the same. I've also added a do not merge thing following Robert's
> pointer.
> How's it look?

Fine with me, thanks.

P.S. I was wondering why we use all those wrappers around
decode-coding-string instead of calling the latter directly, but since
you are saying this code will go away in Emacs 27, this is a moot
point.  I do suggest to look for such trivial wrappers on master and
eliminate them if any are still there, as a cleanup.

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