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Re: are contributions on other programming languages than C and Emacs li

From: Jorge Javier Araya Navarro
Subject: Re: are contributions on other programming languages than C and Emacs lisp bad idea?
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2019 18:37:10 -0600
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El viernes 20 de septiembre del 2019 a las 1634 horas, Stefan Monnier escribió:

>> Wondering this. The only downside of this would be installing more
>> dependencies to build Emacs, say, if someone were to do a contribution to
>> Emacs core with Rust
> There are two problems:
> - imposing an additional dependency for those who compile Emacs (and
>   potentially even for those who *use* Emacs if it requires a specific
>   run-time library).
> - imposing knowledge of an additional language for the maintainers.
> If the feature is *very* desirable, hard to reimplement in C or Elisp,
> and is optional, I guess maybe potentially it could hypothetically
> be discussed?
>         Stefan "who likes Rust, FWIW"

That's what I was fearing, jaja. If a feature fulfills those three requirements 
maybe a discussion
about it could (hypothetically) start. Got it.

Was asking because I would like to run some experiments to scratch an itch I 
have, but I did not
wanted to waste time if such thing won't be shipped with the rest of Emacs (or 
not? if anything, the
thing I want to do can land on GNU ELPA I guess).

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