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Re: Emacs's set-frame-size can not work well with gnome-shell?

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Re: Emacs's set-frame-size can not work well with gnome-shell?
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2020 23:50:15 +0300
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On 26.01.2020 20:38, martin rudalics wrote:

> Changed the scaling factor of the desktop to 100% (everything became tiny on my monitor), restarted Emacs.
 >    => dragging by mode-line was smooth

Don't you have some old laptop somwehere where you could try the
experiments without scaling (I'd never believe that changing scaling
on-the-fly works always in a reproducible fashion).

I should see if my old laptop is still functional when I'm near geographically (maybe tomorrow).

Speaking of old laptops, my offer regarding help installing GNOME or sending a newer video card still stands. Although I'm guessing, given an old enough system, you might have to change both the MB and CPU as well.

And, it does _not_ work smoothly here.  I can drag the frame smoothly by
a short distance, then it suddenly jumps, then it drags smoothly again
and so on ...

I'm guessing you could be more sensitive to GC pauses. My current laptop is almost top-of-the-line.

> BUT dragging the borders to resize had the same problem I reported previously, so it's likely not HiDPI related.

Dragging the right and bottom borders too?  Here dragging any border is
usually smooth with very occasional jumps.  But it's much better than

Yes. I described that later in the previous email.

 > Then I changed scaling back to 200%, restarted Emacs.
 >    => dragging by mode-line was still smooth (normal frame).

That's what I meant with never to change scaling with a running desktop.
Hot-plugging a scale factor is troublesome like changing the resolution
of the display IMHO.

Same flakiness of behavior also happened the last time I tried this. And at that time I didn't change the scale factor at all. Simply: at the beginning of the session dragging was smooth, then something happened, and it became choppy. And I deleted/created new frames in the meantime.

 > Then tried the child-frame example.
 >    => dragging was choppy. But it resizes smoothly enough when dragged
 > by the bottom or right edges. And, more importantly, resizes
 > correctly. When dragged by top-left, it resizes choppily, but still
 > correctly.
 > In the same session, I applied your default-frame-alist change and
 > created a second "normal" frame. Dragging it by mode-line was choppy
 > again.

This again hints at something not really reproducible when changing the
scale factor.

I don't think so. And again, in this instance, both the child frame and the normal frame were created after the last change of the scale factor.

I also repeated this experiment at least twice (restarting Emacs in between).

 > When I drag top-left, the bottom-right corner seems to exhibit a more
 > gradual drift top-left. When I drag bottom-right, I moves top-left a
 > lot more quickly (even if I drag it in the bottom-right direction).

This might be related to the fact that we move and resize in two
distinct steps.  I wrote a function to do both in one step but its
behavior is just broken with pure X-builds and I'm not able to find out
what goes wrong (it doesn't work with normal frames either).

But it obviously might be a by-product of Bug#38452.

Could be. But the effect is a lot more pronounced.

> Seems so. Aside from the toolbar icons which are not scaled. The context menu appears where it should.

Aha.  Are tooltips well-positioned too?

Yup. Using both Lucid and GTK3.

(A side question: Do emacs' native tooltips work with a gtk build -
customizing 'x-gtk-use-system-tooltips' to nil?)

Seem to work, yes. Tested with flymake-mode and tooltip-mode on.

> Also, the GTK3 build seems to have the same problem, and it has had quite a few HiDPI patches applied recently.

You mean the icons problem?

The normal frame resizing problem (with drag-internal-border). The icons are fine.

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