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Re: "whether the global keymap C-x 4 will be replaced by a command,"

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: "whether the global keymap C-x 4 will be replaced by a command,"
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 2020 22:39:37 -0400

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  > I propose the following design:

  > 1. keep the existing 'C-x 4' bindings and other-window commands
  >    unchanged to maintain backwards compatibility;

  > 2. add a catch-all fallback to ctl-x-4-map and bind it to the command
  >    invoked when an unbound key is typed after 'C-x 4'.


  > There are 2 possibilities what to do with an unbound key in this command:

  > 2.1. define a new keymap with mappings from such unbound keys to commands.

Why do we need this -- can't we define those exceptions directly
in ctl-x-4-map?

  > 2.2. another possibility is when the above keymap doesn't match
  >      an unbound key then run its global keybinding.

  > For example, typing 'C-x 4 C-h i' will display the Info manual
  > in another window.

  > Now I tried to implement this, but the problem is that the fallback
  > '[remap t]' doesn't work, for example in:

  >   (define-key ctl-x-4-map [remap t] 'other-window-prefix)

We could make that work, one way or another.

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