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Re: "whether the global keymap C-x 4 will be replaced by a command,"

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: "whether the global keymap C-x 4 will be replaced by a command,"
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2020 23:50:18 +0300
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>> `C-x 4` could fall back to `ofw-transient-map` when `C-x 4` is
>> followed by an unbound key that has a binding in `ofw-transient-map`.
>> Otherwise, when there is no binding in the `C-x 4` keymap,
>> and no binding in `ofw-transient-map` then the key sequence
>> could be followed by a global binding.
> I don't understand how that's different from how `ofw-transient-map` is
> used in `other-frame-window`.

This was intended to address TODO items in `other-frame-window`.
The first TODO item:

;; - Pay attention to bindings added to ctl-x-4-map and ctl-x-5-map

can be solved by just leaving the existing ctl-x-4-map and ctl-x-5-map
as they are now.  And by adding to these maps the [remap t] fallback
bound to the `ofw--set-prefix` command it would be possible to use key bindings
from `ofw-transient-map` where keys don't need to be bound to special
-other-window variants.

And when no key is found in `ofw-transient-map`, then the global binding
could be appled.  For example, `C-x 4 C-h i' could show the Info manual
in another window.

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