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Re: Interactive guide for new users

From: Gregory Heytings
Subject: Re: Interactive guide for new users
Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2020 12:12:08 +0000
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SCREEN 2: "Set the color theme", with a clickable list containing the (currently) 16 built-in themes. A short code snippet above that list illustrates how code is displayed with each of these themes.

The snippet will only be able to show the buffer text appearance. For other UI elements you will need an image. Would using an image be better here?

This probably wouldn’t work on terminal Emacs. For a more univarsally apllicable, you could have a single snippet, and picking a theme just sets it globally. A confirm button at bottom saves the preference using customize and advances.

Indeed I admit I did not think about terminal Emacs. The guided tour should probably also be skipped if Emacs is executed in a terminal.

You can use M-x initial-greeting at any time to go through this configuration again.

That command should be on the Help menu. And I think the name should be 'introduction-to-emacs' or somesuch.

AFAIU it’s customary in the industry these days to call these walkthrough wizards "Guided Tours". That might be a more recognisable name. ‘initial-greeting’ and ‘introduction-to-emacs’ sound rather non-interactive to me, i.e. I’d expect to be reading stuff, deducing from the names.

I think I would also prefer guided-tour, but OTOH that name is not very important if it is executed automatically when Emacs starts.
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