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Re: Friendlier dired experience [CODE INCLUDED]

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Friendlier dired experience [CODE INCLUDED]
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2020 22:31:12 +0300
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* Boruch Baum <boruch_baum@gmx.com> [2020-11-03 20:13]:
> On 2020-11-03 19:07, Jean Louis wrote:
> > It works, but it does not give me safety feeling.
> I don't understand the comment.

It never happened that I cannot install package from buffer or
file. At first sight it looks good inside. Maybe it is bug in Emacs or
maybe some wrong formatting in the package what I doubt.

Then I am, maybe wrongly, assuming that package was not tested if it
can be installed in that way. And then I am of course careful with
such package, I do not know what it brings on me. I hope you get

Neither M-x package-install-file works neither M-x

> Are you saying that the package could / should do something
> differently? Also, if you have an account on github, you give
> feedback there or open issues there.

Package may have good features for something and is not bad to discuss

Sorry that I find personally Github appalling. I do report sometimes
bugs there and I interact by email or with website by using
LibreJS. I hope there is nothing wrong with email. Would Github not
have non-free Javascript, maybe I would vouch for it. There are so
many free software hosting providers like OS Trisquel, the fully free
OS endorsed by FSF, they offer hosting:

> Or you can just email me, but dealing with a organized forge
> environment like github / gitlab helps keep things organized.

Gitlab is by principle different. Trisquel offers something like

> > It broke my console.
> Whoa. I use console emacs, and never encountered such a problem, so
> that's serious. Can you please give details?

I cannot give much of details. As it was not possible to do anything
unde XTerm (not real console).

Video is here:

Of course it may be due to my settings. And I have used emacsclient. 

> I've been using this package for months, and it's the product of
> accumulated piecemeal work over years - all on console emacs. Please
> send me details to reproduce.

Now is maybe time that somebody tries it out. People use programs in
different manners, different outcomes are the result.

> Please try to send details to reproduce.
> > On X it is creating new frame.
> That's the expected behavior - to have a dedicated emacs frame for two
> dired panels and their associated temporary buffers (ie. shell buffers
> and a quick-view buffer).

As I did not need two frames so it is not pleasant. The classic dired
frame appears in front of diredc frame. Maybe on your side is
different. That is how is on my side. I am orderding diredc and I get
classic dired. What if I am in EXWM then maybe I would not even see
what happened.

> > - test it in EXWM
> Interesting. I've never used EXWM, so I'm interested in how that
> went.

I just say to you to test it. If this would work better I would test

Sometimes I do diredc and happens nothing. It just switches frames. No
fancy stuff.

Maybe I would need to restart Emacs to see it again, I cannot know. It
does not give me good feeling when M-x diredc does not work for second
or fifth or ninth time.

o - opens new frame but not file that I selected, very unexpected
behavior for me

Trash management I prefer being handled by expected built-in Emacs
behavior. I did not try yours.

shells - you may add common shells on
OpenBSD/FreeBSD/NetBSD/Minix/Dragonfly BSD systems.

{C-h m} did not give me any explanation of diredc-mode-map, for me
very unexpected, I was thinking it would be automatic.

getfacl - I do not have as command on my system Hyperbola
GNU/Linux-libre and I do not know what it is, so I cannot use "get
more file info"

C-c b a - to add bookmark, isn't it just same number of key strokes as
C-x r m ?

' - is good feature to launch shell quickly, I may adopt that. But I
get this:

export d1="~/Programming/emacs-lisp/others/" d2="" 
f1="~/Programming/emacs-lisp/others/diredc.el" f2="" 
t1="(/home/data1/protected/Programming/emacs-lisp/others/diredc.el)" t2="nil"

sh-4.4$ sh-4.4$ sh-4.4$

if that is expected, I do not know. It did not choose my shell from
/etc/passwd - it went straight into sh

C-x o - when switching from window to window is currently confusing me
as buffer disappears and I then see instead of opened file again the
diredc listing, then if I had shell on left side, I kill it, my right
side becomes some other buffer! Too many unexpected things happening.

diredc-mode - disabled in all buffers, but colors remain and is not
really disabled, it comes back. Then I see line movements in both
windows, left and right. I have global-hl-line-mode turned on. I can
see in other window the highlighted line but not on same line, imagine
how I feel, like on drugs.

normal dired does not work after diredc, error: let*: Wrong type
argument: consp,

q - does not work any more, Use \[diredc-exit] for diredc-exit, or M-x 
quit-window for the emacs primitive.

Let me restart...

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