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Re: Confused by y-or-n-p

From: Gregory Heytings
Subject: Re: Confused by y-or-n-p
Date: Mon, 04 Jan 2021 13:10:33 +0000
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I haven't seen a single argument in that thread to remove the current behavior. I've only seen an argument that you (and only you AFAICS) don't like it.

I suggest you reread that thread, long though it is, with some care. There were strong arguments expressed there, for improving the then current behaviour.

There are arguments to _improve_ the current behavior, that is, to provide other behaviors, and I agree with these arguments. But there are no arguments to _remove_ the current behavior, which should either remain the default or be available by setting a variable.

Forgive me if I become uncustomarily blunt and personal, but it seems you are determined to find the worst possible interpretation of everything, and your replies to so many posts take on an unusually negative tone.

That was not at all my intention, I'm sorry if you have perceived it as such.

Would you please try to be more positive in your posts, and try to work together with people to achieve goals, rather than antagonising them. Thanks!

I believe that's what I did, I initially pointed you the difference between the use of the echo area and the minibuffer inside isearch, I gave you a number of possible improved behaviors, and I already spend quite some time testing your patch and providing you with feedback. I don't think this can be considered as an "antagonising" behavior.

I don't really want to get drawn here into detailled discussion which really belongs on that other thread, but would point out that that "longstanding behaviour" which you seem so attached to appears to be an ad hoc unsystematic mess resulting from a lack of systematic attention.
The old "behaviour" seems to be an ad hoc unsystematic mess, not worthy even of being called a behaviour.

These are very strong statements. I understand that this is what it seems to you, and I would even say that to a certain extent I agree with you, but again, you don't know whether others rely on what you consider to be a mess in their libraries or configurations.

But the problem is that I am now, and everybody else is now, in a situation where we have to spend a lot of time testing various combinations of commands and to describe what doesn't work anymore, which inevitably leads to very long and boring mails and discussions.

How is that a problem? Nobody is forcing you into such discussions. At the cutting edge of development, there are bound to be new things, there are bound to be old things let go, and there are bound to be controversies. That is the very essence of development. People are grateful for the feedback you give, but nobody is forcing you into doing anything.

I don't feel forced to do anything. I was only pointing the fact that those who object the removal of a behavior are in a position that their feedback will look like bikeshedding. This would not happen if the old behavior remained available; the discussion would then be more constructive, around the question "what is the best default behavior".

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