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Re: Proposal for an improved `help-for-help'

From: Gregory Heytings
Subject: Re: Proposal for an improved `help-for-help'
Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2021 18:48:42 +0000

Some more comments on your last screenshot:

A nitpick: I would add a comma after "to search" on the first line.

About the "language" section, on a second thought I'm not quite sure anymore that "language" is the most appropriate word here. It is about character sets and how encoding and decoding happens: how Emacs encodes and decodes text files, and how users can use various coding systems to input characters that are not present on their keyboard (mathematical symbols, phonetic alphabet, foreign language characters, ...). So I would suggest something like "Help about Character Codings". Sure, that sounds very technical, but these help commands are indeed very technical.

I would put "Describe input method" as the first entry there, it's the one users will most likely want/need to use.

And I would perhaps move the "Show current syntax table" in that section, above the "Display the HELLO file".

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