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New Context Menu

From: Ergus
Subject: New Context Menu
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2021 14:08:34 +0200


I just tested the new context menu... It is very nice!! thanks Juri!!

I have a couple of small issues that maybe you could help to face. When
using emacs on xterm the interaction with the menu is a bit
uncomfortable (like in X11... I know we xterm users don't use the mouse
too much, but if it is not too complex maybe it may worth to add it at
least as an option).

The current implementation follows the X11 menu interaction pattern:
Hold mouse-3 to keep the menu active and release mouse-3 to select an

Could we add an option to avoid this and have the same interaction
behavior than in gui please?: mouse-3 activates the menu, a click over
an option selects it and a click outside the menu hides the menu

I know this may be something external to emacs itself; maybe it is how
xterm menu behaves, but probably there is a way to go around this
without excessive complexity.

Maybe this is ask for too much, but I am wondering that once the context
menu will be released with emacs 28, then a lot of packages will try to
implement such a functionality in a hacky way with advises/hooks and so
on and they won't get properly maintained.

The other "issue" is maybe more a question:

In case the user wants to bind the context menu without using the mouse
how can be done? Will the context-menu appear in the current cursor
(point) or in the current mouse arrow position?

I know the context menu without mouse is a bit pointless; but for new
users it may be very useful to not feel lost when starting (like exiting
vim ;p)

Thanks in advance,

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