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Re: New Context Menu

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: New Context Menu
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2021 19:44:43 +0300
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>> > Does it pop down for you if you click [C-down-mouse-3] that displays
>> > the local/global menu?
>> No.  When I release the mouse button after clicking C-mouse-3, the
>> menu stays displayed until I select a menu item (or dismiss the menu
>> with the likes of C-g).
> Btw, something's changed in this regard since Emacs 27.2.  In Emacs
> 27, mouse-1 and mouse-3 on the mode-line's major and minor mode names
> pop up a menu that stays displayed when I release the mouse button.
> In Emacs 28, these two menus pop down when the button is released.  By
> contrast, C-mouse-3 in *scratch* pops up a menu that doesn't pop down
> when I release the button even in Emacs 28.
> I guess this has something to do with the bindings of down-mouse-N vs
> mouse-N, and the fact that Emacs ignores the down- events when they
> are not bound?

There is a bug in xterm handling code, but I don't know exactly where.

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