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Re: Gitlab Migration

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Re: Gitlab Migration
Date: Sat, 4 Sep 2021 16:50:06 +0300
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On 04.09.2021 14:37, Daniel Fleischer wrote:
Dmitry Gutov [2021-09-04 Sat 13:59] wrote:

global-visual-line-mode seems questionable as well -- I don't remember seeing 
this kind of behavior in other coding
editors, which seems to be the aim of this profile. At least not by default.
Now it really depends on who we compare with; if we go with the
"programmers" profile then one can compare with Vim, VScode and Sublime
Text.  The first two do not wrap and the last one does.  Any other
editor we should examine for deaults?

Now that I looked, Sublime does have the option to Word Wrap, but it seems to be unchecked by default?

Another popular option is Intellij IDEA (no word-wrap by default either, as far as I can see). Neither does Atom.

There are also Eclipse and Netbeans, and some others, but AFAIK VS Code and IDEA hold the popularity crown these days.

visual-line-mode also has a side-effect of having "simple editing commands to act on visual lines" instead of logical ones, so that kill-line only kills a part of the line. I couldn't find whether Sublime has any similar commands where we could compare the effect.

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