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Re: Draw and Scribble Notes in GNU Emacs (Schematics)

From: Uwe Brauer
Subject: Re: Draw and Scribble Notes in GNU Emacs (Schematics)
Date: Sun, 03 Oct 2021 08:19:32 +0200
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>>> "RS" == Richard Stallman <rms@gnu.org> writes:

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>> Since a couple of years I use an iPad Pro, with note taking apps, so
>> having an emacs with that capability would be great,

> I think it would be great to give Emacs the capability for note-taking,
> if that means we would have note-taking capability on the GNU system.

>> iPad, I am not sure RMS would approve or any other maintainer.

> We're in favor of porting Emacs to run on any system, if you as a
> volunteer want to do it.

Aha! That was not clear to me!

The iOS system (contrary to MaCOs) is a very closed system. There are
jailbreaks (hacks with allow you to run, I think free software (I am
using the word free in more liberal sense, since it is quite some time
ago I did a jailbreak and I cannot remember the specific nature of the
software but it was not apple controlled)

> But what does this have to do with note-taking in Emacs?
> Doesn't your note-taking support work on all systems?

I'd rather say it has everything to do with it. How are we supposed to perform
note-taking? (For several years I have been interested in this subject
and I have tested quite a bit of devices). 

There are the  following possibilities 

    1. You use the mouse. This however is not serious, at least I am
       unable to scribble with the mouse.

    2. You take what is called a passive tablet with a pen. Wacom is the
       most known producer of these sort of devices. Last time I tried
       them out, they did not run on GNU/Linux. That might have been
       changed, but in any case this is also not for serious note
       taking, you can write a word or two but anything else like long
       sentences is quite a ordeal. Your handwriting gets distorted, and
       most importantly you cannot rest you palms on the screen.

    3. A device in which Bluetooth controls the pen. There are the
       following devices (in order of quality)

       a. The iPad

       b. The MS Windows Surface

       c. Android devices

       d. The Lenovo yoga series running MS Windows (these I have not tested)

That is why I said it is important to know whether GNU Emacs runs on any
of these devices. The MS Windows Surface (or the Lenovo) might be a candidate, 
but when
I tested it, it did not have GNU Emacs installed, so maybe somebody on
the list owns one and could tell us.


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