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Re: More reliable byte compilation, take 45

From: Steingold
Subject: Re: More reliable byte compilation, take 45
Date: Mon, 04 Oct 2021 12:03:34 -0400
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> * Lars Ingebrigtsen <ynefv@tahf.bet> [2021-10-04 12:51:19 +0200]:
> A defensive solution would be to recompile all libraries that require a
> library, building a dependency tree from require/autoloads/etc, but the
> problem is then that if you edit anything in subr.el, then you have to
> recompile all the .el files, basically.  So it's not practical.

Nevertheless, this is TRT (and your solution is far too complicated, IMO).

Another solution was adopted by CLISP.

Briefly, compilation of `foo.el` should produce 2 files:

1. `foo.elc`, as now - this is the code whose loading is functionally
   equivalent to loading `foo.el`

2. `foo.ell` (lib) - this contains only the compile-time dependencies
   (i.e., compiled `defvar`, `defconst`, `defmacro`, and `defsubst`
   definitions and function declarations)

When the byte compiler sees `(require 'foo)`, it will check that `foo.ell`
has changed since last loaded and will reload it automatically.

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