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Re: macOS metal rendering engine in mac port

From: Illia Ostapyshyn
Subject: Re: macOS metal rendering engine in mac port
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2021 21:39:50 +0200

On Sep 27, 2021, at 12:07, Alan Third <alan@idiocy.org> wrote:

I've pushed a small change to master that *may* fix this, although I
doubt it, and adds a pile of logging if it detects the situation that
I suspect is causing this.

If you run from the terminal it will print the logging to it,
otherwise it'll appear in the system log, so if you see the glitch
please check the logs to see if there's anything in there.

Alan Third

The glitch just happened again after a long time. I’m not sure whether
the logging is still in code, but I couldn’t find any relevant messages
in the system log (http://sprunge.us/heJzLM) except for this line:

  Oct 25 21:16:30 mbp-2018 com.apple.xpc.launchd[1]: Coalition Cache Hit: app<application.org.gnu.Emacs.12664035.12664040(501)> [1660]

Screenshot attached. I just switched from another buffer as it happened.

In GNU Emacs 28.0.60 (build 2, x86_64-apple-darwin20.6.0, NS appkit-2022.60 Version 11.6 (Build 20G165))
 of 2021-10-20 built on mbp-2018.local
Repository revision: 4540130312b8e9dbbe930ba2ffb32e5e51560514
Repository branch: emacs-28
Windowing system distributor 'Apple', version 10.3.2022
System Description:  macOS 11.6

Configured using:
 'configure --with-native-compilation --disable-ns-self-contained
 --prefix=/Users/iostapyshyn/.local 'CFLAGS=-O2 -march=native

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