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Re: Variable pitch text filling

From: Jim Porter
Subject: Re: Variable pitch text filling
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2021 14:32:08 -0800

On 12/2/2021 1:19 PM, Stefan Kangas wrote:
Jim Porter <jporterbugs@gmail.com> writes:

How bad would it look if the U:--- thing specifically were fixed width
by default, even if the rest of the mode line used a variable-width

Another idea is to think about using SVG icons for (some?) of this
information on graphical displays.  I have no idea how viable this is,
but I'm putting the idea out there (unless someone already did?).  In
any case, I hope to set aside some time to finish up icons.el over the
holidays, and once that is done it should be easy to play around with it
to see if we can come up with something.

I mentioned that in the mode-line thread, but yeah, that would also be an option. Assuming we could find a good set of icons that cover all the possible states, that would solve this nicely.

That said, I forgot to mention the most obvious case where the default Emacs configuration already changes the width of elements of the U:--- thing: the newline indicator. For example, DOS newlines are indicated via U(DOS)---. (Unless you're on a Windows/DOS system, that is.)

I use single-character indicators so that it's easier to cycle through them without clicking on the wrong thing. The default is probably easier to understand for new users, but I find it pretty annoying. Switching to icons here would be a nice improvement if they were all the same width.

- Jim

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