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Re: Add list of useful settings to setup wizard was: Re: Default custom

From: LdBeth
Subject: Re: Add list of useful settings to setup wizard was: Re: Default custom file
Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2022 23:30:55 +0800
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>>>>> In <CADwFkmmm3-f0X71JyJF4hCs6qDyCGy6TvP-prp15Vxmeyg=Zgw@mail.gmail.com> 
>>>>>   Stefan Kangas <stefankangas@gmail.com> wrote:

Stefan> I would strongly advise against including either `edt' or
Stefan> `autoarg-mode' in a list of modes to recommend to a beginner.

Right, there're referenced only for "historical significance" and
could only be interested by writers of emulation modes.

ldb> ** tab-bar-mode, tab-line-mode
ldb>   Tabbar emulation.

Stefan> I don't use it much.  Is it polished enough?

It is quite popular among people migrated from other editors. There's
even a popular extension been made based on that package.


ldb> ** kinsoku
ldb>    Avoid certain characters appear at beg-of-line..

Stefan> I don't understand what this does or when I would want to use it from
Stefan> reading it's docstring.  Probably it should be better documented.

Stefan> The name is also... confusing.

When filling a paragraph, you probably won't like commas or periods to
appear at the beginning of a line, or left parentheses hanging at the
end of line.

   The rabbit-hole went straight on like a tunnel for some way
   , and then dipped suddenly down

   even if I fell off the top of the house!' (
   Which was very likely true.)

The above cases can be handled correctly by `M-q' though.  But certain
languages like Japanese can not be handled correctly with the default
behavior `fill-paragraph'. This package takes extra care to these

ldb> * List of interesting editing customize variables
ldb>   This variables are worth to have a look at. They may improve your
ldb>   editing experience a little if the default value of the variables
ldb>   are changed for your specific needs.
ldb> + show-trailing-whitespace
ldb> + track-eol
ldb> + colon-double-space
ldb> + tab-always-indent
ldb> + kill-do-not-save-duplicates
ldb> + kill-read-only-ok
ldb> + kill-whole-line
ldb> + require-final-newline

Stefan> Sounds basically good at a glance, with some exceptions:

ldb> + case-fold-search

Stefan> I think we have commands for this, so I'd not specifically
Stefan> recommend new users to fiddle with it.

Right, but we could provide a brief list for useful toggles.

ldb> + set-mark-command-repeat-pop

Stefan> I don't understand what it does and I doubt a beginner would
Stefan> either.

Right, this would requires knowledge about mark-ring, should just
leave this to advanced users.


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