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Re: Add list of useful settings to setup wizard was: Re: Default custom

From: LdBeth
Subject: Re: Add list of useful settings to setup wizard was: Re: Default custom file
Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2022 22:50:38 +0800
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>>>>> In <83zgo62u6f.fsf@gnu.org> 
>>>>>   Eli Zaretskii <eliz@gnu.org> wrote:

> I'm not sure I understand what other editors does each of the above
> features emulate.  Can you spell that out?

> Thanks.

I might not able to make a comprehensive list and what listed probably
do not own the original idea, just speaking from what I know:

ldb> ** align, delimit-columns-region
ldb>   "Align regions in a context-sensitive fashion."
ldb>   "Helps to prettify columns in a text region or rectangle."

Vim via vim-easy-align plugin. There are bunches of other editors or
IDEs providing this feature via plugins.

ldb> ** auto-revert-mode
ldb>   Update buffer when file changes.

Many IDE's that would allow external editors would have this.
XCode has this via the file watcher API provided by OSX.
VSCode now also has this feature. 

ldb> ** ruler-mode
ldb>   Something you'd get in a word processor.

TextEdit.app or MS Word although that's meant for rich text.

ldb> ** whitespace-mode
ldb>   And =whitespace-cleanup=.

Sublime Text/Atom has this.

ldb> ** mouse-avoidance-mode
ldb>   Hide your mouse pointer.

That feature (hide mouse when typing) is usually provided by external
software or via system wide configuration on nonefree OS.

ldb> ** kinsoku
ldb>    Avoid certain characters appear at beg-of-line..

This feature is usually provided by typesetting software for
processing eastern languages.  EmEditor provides this.

ldb> ** strokes-mode
ldb>    Useful if you have a 3-key mouse.

This feature is common on web browsers such as FireFox.


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