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Re: {PATCH] continuous scroll for doc-view (FOR REVIEW))

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: {PATCH] continuous scroll for doc-view (FOR REVIEW))
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2022 10:03:20 +0200
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> I'd really like to mention that I get no hits when searching for that
> thread (actually searching
> for 'the original thread') when searching on `multi image PDF` in the Emacs
> devel archive.
> (This time) it is not due to too many results. Would be great if you could
> inform me why that does not work.

Trying to search any recent subject shows that indexing on mailing lists
was disabled for a few last months.

> So I will attach two files here, the first is an 'adapted' bookroll.el
> file, and the second is a
> a modified doc-view file that implements the first 'rudimentary' continuous
> scroll for PDF
> documents(despite the subject title of this message, I am simply attaching
> the file,
> as you can then more simply load and try it, while I guess you must be
> capable of diffing it with
> the latest doc-view.el file yourself ;).

Thanks, if you want you could attach whole files, because program files
take almost no space on mailing list archives, so this is not a problem
(the problem is when someone posts large screenshots, and even a video).

Or you can just make a copy of doc-view.el in your repository,
and send a message when you update it.

> I am not sure if the bookroll-mode should be a separate package (like 
> image-mode),
> or that it could just get merged into doc-view. But it is as it is for the
> development process.

If it could be used for other images such as for image galleries,
then it should be a separate package like image-mode.

> To understand the approach of bookmark.el, it is probably most useful to
> look at the Proof
> of Concept file to which I have linked already above. It simply draws a
> triplet of images (pages)
> for each page (and a doublet for the first and last pages), and then it
> uses a 'currently-displayed-images' list, and refreshes pages when
> necessary by comparing with that list. The current page is the page that
> takes more than half of the window height.

A triplet or a doublet means that the scroll bar can't be used for
scrolling all pages?  Have you tried to prefill with overlays for all pages?

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