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Re: {PATCH] continuous scroll for doc-view (FOR REVIEW))

From: dalanicolai
Subject: Re: {PATCH] continuous scroll for doc-view (FOR REVIEW))
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2022 23:07:05 +0100

The variable i created because I intended to make continuous scroll a configurable option,
but in the end it was much easier to first implement it not as an option.

As I write below, I got continuous-scroll working very fine in pdf-tools. But a drawback of the
design with the overlay and the placeholders, is that now it is not (easily) possible to split
the buffer and scroll it in two different windows, because the drawing/deleting of the images
effects the (overlays in the) other buffer also.

Anyway, as I mentioned already I was focusing on pdf-tools now, because it seemed much
less work to me to implement continuous scroll there, while it provides also a more powerful
pdf-reader/editor. I have successfully implemented continuous scroll and got most basic
functionality like outline, links, annotations etc. working. So using it works nice for the most part,
except when resizing the window, for some reason, the redisplay does not work correctly there.
The overlay seems to be in the correct position. From checking the `overlay-properties` it seems
 to also hold the image correctly, but even though the buffer has been scrolled to the right position,
the overlay does not show the image (it shows an empty image, but when I save the image from
the overlay and open it in image-mode, I do correctly see the image of a page).

Maybe at some point, although pdf-tools is not yet part of core emacs, some expert here might
like to have a look at it. The code can be found here.

On Sat, 15 Jan 2022 at 19:40, Juri Linkov <juri@linkov.net> wrote:
>     A triplet or a doublet means that the scroll bar can't be used for
>     scrolling all pages?  Have you tried to prefill with overlays for all
>     pages?
> Yes, like in the Proof of Concept, all overlays are inserted at once, but
> they are 'triplet'
> only showing a triplet of images at the time. So the full buffer can be
> scrolled with the mouse/scroll-bar

Thanks, I agree this is the right thing to do: placeholders for all pages,
and a triplet of images for the active page.

Also I noticed in your patch a new variable `doc-view-continuous-scroll'.
But it's not yet used?

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