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Re: [SOLVED (magic?)]

From: Uwe Brauer
Subject: Re: [SOLVED (magic?)]
Date: Mon, 06 Jun 2022 08:49:26 +0200
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Uwe> Well, you are not going to belive, it but after makeing the following 
minor change:

Uwe> machine smtp.gmail.com login oub.oub.oub@gmail.com port 587 password  XXXXX
Uwe> machine imap.gmail.com login oub.oub.oub password XXXX port imaps

> You made the 'machine' value match your nnimap-address? That seems
> sensible.

Well this is not the end of the story, although it worked it screwed up
other gmail accounts I access. So the final solution was this 

machine gmail login oub.oub.oub@gmail.com password YYYY port imaps
machine smtp.gmail.com login oub.oub.oub@gmail.com port 587 password  YYYY
machine User2 login user2@gmail.com password XXXX port imaps
machine User2 login user2@gmail.com port 587 password  XXXX

And I am still not sure whether this is the best solution, since it
looks a bit incoherent.

> It sounds more like we need to document better that .authinfo entries
> can sometimes be cached, so `auth-source-forget-all-cached' might need
> to be called when messing with it (itʼs currently described in the
> 'help for developers' section).

Oh, I did not know even about the `auth-source-forget-all-cached'
function. Since I restarted emacs, may the cache was the source of my problems!?


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