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RE: [External] : [emacs bookmark.el] Sorting by last set

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: [External] : [emacs bookmark.el] Sorting by last set
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2022 14:23:42 +0000

> >> so I suggest creation-date' for that first one :-).
> >
> > Again, please consider using what `Bookmark+'
> > already uses: `created'.
> Keep in mind that here we are just discussing the name of a possible
> value for `bookmark-sort-flag' (compatible with nil).
> There is currently no creation date written in each bookmark: it is
> still just the order of the written bookmarks' list that defines this
> order. Maybe, we should have one creation date field and in this case I
> think 'created' would be the best name (it is clear, simple, we don't
> have one and other package already use this one).
> Back to the symbol name (compatible with `bookmark-sort-flag' set to
> nil), I have thought of 'last-created but here "last" refers to the
> fact that the creation date is in reverse order (ie. the "last"
> created bookmark being at the head of the list).
> (… and to be coherent with myself, I now think that the 'last-modified
> I introduced should really be 'modified)

I see.  I guess I misunderstood; sorry.

I guess you're talking about what to call a sort
order that sorts by creation time/date (whether
or not there's an explicit field recording that

In that case I'd suggest something like just
`creation-time' or, if used as part of messaging
or labeling, "by creation time".

IMO, this is better than putting the time
direction in the name (chronological or reverse

Presumably users can (or at some point will be
able to) reverse the direction, regardless of
what the current sort order is.

So whether the default sort by creation time
lists most- or least-recent first shouldn't be
part of the sort-order name.  Reversing should
be available for every sort order.

FWIW, Bookmark+ uses these names, both as part
of the sort command names and for display

by creation time          <======
by last bookmark access
by last buffer or file access
by last local file update
by last local file access
by bookmark visit frequency
by bookmark name
by bookmark type
by file name
by local file type
by url
by Gnus thread
by Info node name
by Info position
by local file size
annotated before unannotated
  flagged before unflagged
 modified before unmodified
   marked before unmarked
   tagged before untagged

E.g., `*Bookmark List*' shows "sorting by
creation time" or "sorting by creation time
(REVERSED)" in the mode-line, and the command
is`bmkp-bmenu-sort-by-creation-time' (bound
to `s 0').

Repeating any sort command (e.g. `s 0) cycles
among that sort, its reversal, and unsorted.

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