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Re: Emacs packages, GitHub and software freedom

From: Tim Cross
Subject: Re: Emacs packages, GitHub and software freedom
Date: Thu, 07 Jul 2022 06:52:53 +1000
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Akib Azmain Turja <akib@disroot.org> writes:

> Savannah is obviously a good host, but it's not newbie friendly IMHO.
> FSF has a plan for a new forge.  Let's wait and see what they give us.

They do? Any link to information on that?

Two points to note which I think are relevant

1. This was all brought up quite some time ago and RMS basically came
down saying that on balance, we have to accept people will host packages
on github and that being hosted there was not to be an impediment to
being included in ELPA or nonGNU ELPA. This might seem contradictory
given FSF statements about github, but the world is full of
contradiction. The FSF even has  a link to Paypal on their donations
page despite their position on not encouraging the use of non-free JS. 

2. Until there is a solution which does provide high level functionality
similar to that provided by github, you just yelling at the wind. If you
really want people to stop using github for Emacs packages, you need to
either look at developing higher level functionality which sits on top
of sevannah or help add functionality to other forges, like gitlab or
sourceHut so that these other forges become as appealing to these

3. If you try to control where packages are hosted/developed by
restricting access to ELPA/nonGNU ELPA, all you will do is encourage
repositories like MELPA, which provide no assurance regarding package
licenses. At least ELPA/nonGNU ELPA are all libre. licensed. 

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