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Re: Loading tramp for dump goes into infinite regress

From: Lynn Winebarger
Subject: Re: Loading tramp for dump goes into infinite regress
Date: Sat, 6 Aug 2022 11:39:12 -0400

On Sat, Aug 6, 2022, 8:57 AM Lynn Winebarger <owinebar@gmail.com> wrote:
On Sat, Aug 6, 2022, 2:07 AM Lynn Winebarger <owinebar@gmail.com> wrote:
I've added another flag variable that allows me to turn off the ban on implicit loading in dump mode. 

The dump with all ~2500 ELN libraries loaded completed last night.  Unfortunately during startup (before any frame opens) one of them is evaluating an _expression_ with an argument that should never produce nil but somehow is nil.
Fortunately I can now redump with just the offending library in site-load.  The error prints fairly quickly when run normally, but shared libraries evidently open a lot slower under GDB.
Hopefully I'll get the same error with the smaller dump and be able to determine if there's an issue in the dump file, the dump loading, or something else.

It started up fine when I only explicitly added the one library with the failing _expression_, and then again when I dumped after loading the original list up to that library.  
The good news is that emacs starts in a couple of seconds with 1198 ELN files in the dump.  I haven't been able to compile with profiling enabled on this system, but I can tell you that is a couple of orders of magnitude faster than just loading them in .init. 


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