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Re: About LaTeX/TeX modes

From: T.V Raman
Subject: Re: About LaTeX/TeX modes
Date: Sun, 07 Aug 2022 06:31:53 -0700
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Not quite.
Getting auctex-mode defined modes to become operational feels more
complex than it needs to be -- and I've never understood (30+ years and
counting) as to why Emacs hasn't yet just made Auctex the default Tex
editing package for emacs; I note that we have adopted far newer
packages as the default in more recent times.

Many years ago I made the following my default first line in .tex files:

% foo.tex: -*- mode: LaTeX -*-

and it works as in gets the mode from auctex -- but asking 
describe-function about the mode still shows the one from the emacs
install, not from auctex.

latex-mode is defaliased to 
LaTeX-mode in tex-mode.el
Library is file

latex-mode is an autoloaded interactive compiled Lisp function in


Major mode for editing files of input for LaTeX.
Makes $ and } display the characters they match.
Makes " insert `` when it seems to be the beginning of a quotation,
and '' when it appears to be the end; it inserts " only after a \.

Use M-x tex-region to run LaTeX on the current region, plus the preamble
copied from the top of the file (containing \documentstyle, etc.),
running LaTeX under a special subshell.  M-x tex-buffer does the whole buffer.
M-x tex-file saves the buffer and then processes the file.
M-x tex-print prints the .dvi file made by any of these.
M-x tex-view previews the .dvi file made by any of these.
M-x tex-bibtex-file runs bibtex on the file of the current buffer.

Use M-x tex-validate-buffer to check buffer for paragraphs containing
mismatched $??s or braces.

Special commands:

Key             Binding

C-j             tex-handle-newline
"               tex-insert-quote
C-<return>      tex-feed-input

C-c C-s         latex-split-block

M-RET           latex-insert-item

C-c C-b         tex-buffer
C-c C-c         tex-compile
C-c C-e         latex-close-block
C-c C-f         tex-file
C-c TAB         tex-bibtex-file
C-c C-k         tex-kill-job
C-c C-l         tex-recenter-output-buffer
C-c RET         tex-feed-input
C-c C-o         latex-insert-block
C-c C-p         tex-print
C-c C-q         tex-show-print-queue
C-c C-r         tex-region
C-c C-t         latex-insert-block
C-c C-u         tex-goto-last-unclosed-latex-block
C-c C-v         tex-view
C-c /           latex-close-block
C-c ]           latex-close-block
C-c {           tex-insert-braces
C-c }           up-list

C-M-i           ispell-complete-word

Mode variables:
        Command string used by M-x tex-region or M-x tex-buffer.
        Directory in which to create temporary files for LaTeX jobs
        run by M-x tex-region or M-x tex-buffer.
        Command string used by M-x tex-print to print a .dvi file.
        Alternative command string used by M-x tex-print (when given a prefix
        argument) to print a .dvi file.
        Command string used by M-x tex-view to preview a .dvi file.
        Command string used by M-x tex-show-print-queue to show the print
        queue that M-x tex-print put your job on.

Entering Latex mode runs the hook ??text-mode-hook??, then
??tex-mode-hook??, and finally ??latex-mode-hook??.  When the special
subshell is initiated, ??tex-shell-hook?? is run.

This function has :override advice: ??TeX-latex-mode??.

  Parent mode: ??tex-mode??.
  Probably introduced at or before Emacs version 18.




--Raman(I Search, I Find, I Misplace, I Research)
?7?4 Id: kg:/m/0285kf1  ?0?8

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