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Re: Re: About LaTeX/TeX modes

From: Pedro Andres Aranda Gutierrez
Subject: Re: Re: About LaTeX/TeX modes
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2022 08:17:34 +0200

>Per Starbäck <per@starback.se> writes:

> For what it's worth I still think it would be really good if AucTeX was
> merged into Emacs. Let's avoid the feeling of "when you use Emacs you
> really should first customize it like this and this and this".

> +1

I think AucTeX should be a user choice. I’ve lived only too happily without it 
and built my own ecosystem for TeX editing (to write my PhD thesis and research 
documents and teaching materials and and and… ;-) )
I too introduce my students to Emacs but leave it up to them to install AucTeX 
or not. 


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