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Re: Supporting git-send-email/hg email in VC

From: Sam James
Subject: Re: Supporting git-send-email/hg email in VC
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2022 22:31:22 +0100

> On 24 Aug 2022, at 12:56, Antoine Kalmbach <ane@iki.fi> wrote:
> Would it make sense for Emacs' VC to support emailing patches from
> within Emacs? It kind of doesn't make sense that I can do mostly
> everything in VC... but I have to jump to the command line (shell) to
> use git-send-email.
> [snip]
> If people think this would be a useful feature, I can open a bug report
> to track this and start working on it. The proposed reference
> implementation for Git would be to (1) ask the user for a ref (2) call
> git format-patch with that (3) compose a new message in Emacs, and set
> the body of the message to be the output of git-format-patch (OR attach
> the file) and (4) let the MUA take it from there.

This definitely sounds invaluable to me. Thank you.

> Alternatively, it would be possible to use a combination of with-editor
> + git-send-email, but only if we should need ot abide by the "rule",
> because to me there aren't many nuances beyond using the format
> specified by git-format-patch with your own MUA vs. using
> git-send-email. Or do I not know enough about the latter to not see the
> missing pieces?

That would work for me too, might be worth asking a git expert though.

Often, people are told to defer to git send-email because it definitely
does Things Right, but I haven't looked into the things it takes
care to do correctly. It might be easy for Emacs to do those.

> [1] https://git-send-email.io/#step-3


> --
> Antoine Kalmbach

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