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Re: Adding icon sets to Emacs -- and next steps for icons.el

From: Visuwesh
Subject: Re: Adding icon sets to Emacs -- and next steps for icons.el
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2022 07:09:39 +0530
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[புதன் ஆகஸ்ட் 24, 2022] Dmitry Gutov wrote:

> On 24.08.2022 19:08, Payas Relekar wrote:
>> Dmitry Gutov<dgutov@yandex.ru>  writes:
>>> "decent contrast" is a fairly low bar.
>> Yet surprising amount of*modern*  software fails to clear it..
>> I'm just glad modus-themes makes 'contrast' issues thing of the past
>> in
>> Emacs. Now if icons acheive the same feat, I might just enable the
>> toolbar.
> I'm very much in favor of good contrast myself (and light background
> themes).
> But whatever issues one might find with a black-on-white icon set, low
> contrast is unlikely to be one of them.
> Even though I suppose the base background color of the frame also
> plays a role.

Like you said in your reply to Po Lu, the lack of "visual detail" is a
major pain point with these monochrome icons.  When I used GIMP for the
first time in a while, I was hit by their new monochrome (low contrast
too) icons and I was handicapped.  I could not tell which icon was which
tool from a glance and I had to wait for the tooltip to show up.  I
regularly have this problem with drawing as well.

The fully coloured icons help me to tell what one thing does in a glance
as I look at the "colour" and decide what I need but with monochrome
icons, I have to rely on the detail which is more taxing on my brain
when I'm in auto-pilot.

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