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Re: Progress on merging use-package?

From: Philip Kaludercic
Subject: Re: Progress on merging use-package?
Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2022 14:08:48 +0000

Payas Relekar <relekarpayas@gmail.com> writes:

> Hello!
> Recent progress with eglot has kindled my hopes, so here goes another
> shot.
> I understand John Wiegley(Author and maintainer of use-package, cc'd)
> always intended to submit use-package[0] to
> emacs core, and would like to ask what the remaining blockers are, and
> what could be done to improve the status quo.
> The Github issue[1] tracking copyright assignments appear to be nearly
> at completion, with last contributor remaining having difficulties
> getting the confirmation (or something).
> I understand John has been very occupied with $LIFE, but if it is
> possible to take this further with any outside help, I'm sure there are
> volunteers here :)

FYI there was a thread on exactly this topic earlier this year
(https://yhetil.org/emacs-devel/87y21ri7px.fsf@posteo.net/), that
slightly diverged towards the end.  John mentioned the following:

        I would definitely like to see it move to core, and would be
        happy to work with others to make this happen. I feel it still
        needs enough effort -- mostly in terms of documentation -- that
        this is why it hasn't happened yet.

I still argue that adding it to GNU ELPA would be a good fist step, just
like how Eglot was part of GNU ELPA for a while before the merge started.

> Thanks,
> Payas
> [0]: https://github.com/jwiegley/use-package
> [1]: https://github.com/jwiegley/use-package/issues/282
> --

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