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Re: Suppressing native compilation (short and long term)

From: Lars Ingebrigtsen
Subject: Re: Suppressing native compilation (short and long term)
Date: Wed, 05 Oct 2022 16:01:35 +0200
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Andrea Corallo <akrl@sdf.org> writes:

> Also repeatable testing are most likely executed in batch mode and...
> ...surprise surprise deferred compilation is *already* *disabled* in
> this mode!!

Not all testing happens in batch mode.

Andrea Corallo <akrl@sdf.org> writes:

>> I'm not sure we need to save the trampolines at all (in this
>> don't-do-native-compilation configuration) -- Andrea probably knows.
>> Andrea, would it be possible to just create and use the trampolines
>> without writing them to a file?
> No

Yes, it is.  (That is, the trampolines get written to /tmp, but can be
deleted after loading.)

Andrea Corallo <akrl@sdf.org> writes:

> That's your opinion and I respect it.  Still
> `inhibit-automatic-native-compilation' does *not* disable automatic
> native compilation but only a mechanism contributing to it, so it's IMO
> a bad naming decision.

Like I said earlier, if anybody has a better name for the variable,
renaming it is fine, but it has to be an improvement.

> I have not said that once code is in master discussion is forbidden.  I
> said that to discuss a change there's *no* requirement to install it in
> master, especially before sufficient discussion is done on the list for
> these tricky interfaces.  My 2cts are that these mechanisms and changes
> should be very well thought and participated before being modified.
> As maintainer of comp.c and related I ask to have this changeset
> reverted and then we restart thinking again what's the best change (if
> any) needed here.

I don't see any advantages to doing that -- the changes that are in now
seem to work fine for the stated use cases (which are both "don't write
to $HOME while testing" and "I want to use a AOT-compiled Emacs, but
don't do any further JIT compilation while running Emacs").

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