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Re: Tree-sitter integration in python.el

From: Yuan Fu
Subject: Re: Tree-sitter integration in python.el
Date: Fri, 7 Oct 2022 15:17:25 -0700

> I believe that history suggests that a better approach is "fontify everything 
> and provide a setting that gives most of them the same appearance", assuming 
> that the combination of tree-sitter and fontification is performant enough.

I think toggling on/off is easier for the users to understand and configure.

> This also enables some interesting features that were tried way back in the 
> days of hilit19 like "transiently highlight everything of *this* type, but 
> not all types". Somewhat like how isearch (occur, et al) can highlight 
> literal duplicates, but based on shared semantic properties instead.

You mean “transiently highlight all variable names”? What would be a use-case 
of that? I’m only aware of “highlight all appearance of _this_ variable”, which 
is provided by IDEs and LSP.

> I couldn't tell you offhand if the current tree-sitter performance for 
> fontification is strong enough for this sort of thing or not, and I suspect 
> the noverlay branch also has some impact here.

Tree-sitter is pretty fast and we don’t need to worry about “too-much 


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