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Re: Allowing rolling release packages on ELPA

From: Philip Kaludercic
Subject: Re: Allowing rolling release packages on ELPA
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2022 15:58:31 +0000

(Btw, please don't forget to wide-reply when responding on the mailing
list.  I missed this message at first because gmane was not working
properly yesterday).

"Bozhidar Batsov" <bozhidar@batsov.dev> writes:

> The patch seems fine to me, but I'm a bit skeptical about the whole
> rolling releases idea in general - e.g. should something like a change
> to the docs really result in a new release? How hard it is for people
> to actually update version timestamps themselves or to just stick to
> the *-devel repos if they don't want to cut releases?

In principle I agree, but there are people who insist on it as I mention
in response to Protesilaos' message.  If every commit is a significant
change, then any time that ELPA synchronises the repository is the right
time to publish a new release.

> How much was the demand for something like this in general? I can't
> think of any major Emacs package that does rolling releases.

I have been talking with a lot of maintainers over the last year or so
and there were certainly some that preferred rolling, perhaps not so
much because they are always working on new features, but rather because
the code was relatively stable that the only changes are bug fixes.

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