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Re: feature/package-vc has been merged

From: Philip Kaludercic
Subject: Re: feature/package-vc has been merged
Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2022 21:57:58 +0000

Stefan Kangas <stefankangas@gmail.com> writes:

> Stefan Monnier <monnier@iro.umontreal.ca> writes:
>> I personally like the distinction between `~/.emacs.d/elpa` (for
>> packages that are installed as "black boxes") and those installed from
>> Git which are stored in a "regular" location (i.e. where I keep my
>> source code rather than my config).
> Yes, doing it the other way would also be pretty confusing: how to
> remember which directories in ~/.emacs.d/elpa are git repositories?
> It would also break my use case: in combination with (use-package foo
> :ensure t), a simple "rm -rf ~/.emacs.d/elpa" and restarting Emacs
> lets me reinstall (and upgrade) all packages automatically.  I do that
> pretty frequently.  I guess use-package must grow support for
> package-vc though.

That ought to be pretty simple.  All it will require is an additional
keyword to indicate that `package-vc-install' should be used.

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