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Re: feature/package-vc has been merged

From: Philip Kaludercic
Subject: Re: feature/package-vc has been merged
Date: Wed, 09 Nov 2022 07:07:14 +0000

Björn Bidar <bjorn.bidar@thaodan.de> writes:

> However this process also depends on how good the system is, magit,
> forge and epkg are very good.
> From my past experience vc didn't came close to that. 

Package-vc just uses vc for all version control operations, but there is
no requirement to use vc yourself.  If a Git repository is cloned, there
is nothing stopping you from using Magit to create a commit.

The only exception might be if you want to use
`package-vc-prepare-patch', which does in fact depend on

>                                                       package-vc also
> still depends on the centralized package information and doesn't include
> other sources such as melpa by default.

It is as centralised as package management itself.  Each archive may
list package specifications, next to the archive contents.  As the
feature is new, MELPA hasn't probably had the time to configure the
file, but I hope that might change in the future.

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