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Re: [PROPOSAL] Builder, a build system integration for Emacs

From: BTuin
Subject: Re: [PROPOSAL] Builder, a build system integration for Emacs
Date: Sun, 21 May 2023 16:56:38 +0200
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Le 21/05/2023 à 14:11, Philip Kaludercic a écrit :

Your proposal sounds interesting, and I think it is worth adding to GNU
or NonGNU ELPA.  Do you have a preference?  Also, it would be nice if
you could host the files in a Git repository somewhere, so that the ELPA
build-system can mirror your changes.

Well I think it could be directly integrated inside Emacs, since there is a related TODO in `project.el', I quote:

* "Build tool related functionality.  Start with a `project-build'
  command, which should provide completions on tasks to run, and
  maybe allow entering some additional arguments.  This might
  be handled better with a separate API, though.  Then we won't
  force every project backend to be aware of the build tool(s) the
  project is using."

Otherwise I prefer GNU Elpa.

And the project is hosted here, sorry it wasn't clear:

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