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Re: Emacs design and architecture

From: Helmut Eller
Subject: Re: Emacs design and architecture
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2023 17:44:35 +0200
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On Sun, Sep 17 2023, Gerd Möllmann wrote:

> Something like that could be an inspiration for a persisten buffer-text
> implementation, which I think would be a prerequisite for a parallel
> redisplay.  (I don't believe in the idea of a snapshort model for parallel
> redisplay anymore).  This would not solve overlays, text properties
> and what not, of course.

Out of curiosity: has somebody tried to vectorize the display code?

I don't know the details, but very abstractly speaking there seems to be
an iterator that loops over the characters in a buffer and computes
various things as it goes along.  Could some of those computations be
done on vectors, of say 8, characters?


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