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Re: STatus of MPS branch

From: Gerd Möllmann
Subject: Re: STatus of MPS branch
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2024 10:08:58 +0200
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Michael Albinus <michael.albinus@gmx.de> writes:

>> I found this in mit init.el
>>   (if (string-match "Pro" system-name)
>>       (setq insert-directory-program "/usr/local/bin/gls")
>>     (setq insert-directory-program "/opt/homebrew/bin/gls"))
>> meaning that the tests wouldn't do that, right?
> Perhaps. What does '/usr/local/bin/gls <filename>' return?

/Users/gerd/emacs/github/cl-packages % gls ~/.zshenv 
/Users/gerd/emacs/github/cl-packages % ls ~/.zshenv 

But the ls output is in purple, on the terminal.

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