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Re: STatus of MPS branch

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: STatus of MPS branch
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2024 10:18:27 +0200
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Gerd Möllmann <gerd.moellmann@gmail.com> writes:

>>> I found this in mit init.el
>>>   (if (string-match "Pro" system-name)
>>>       (setq insert-directory-program "/usr/local/bin/gls")
>>>     (setq insert-directory-program "/opt/homebrew/bin/gls"))
>>> meaning that the tests wouldn't do that, right?
>> Perhaps. What does '/usr/local/bin/gls <filename>' return?
> /Users/gerd/emacs/github/cl-packages % gls ~/.zshenv 
> /Users/gerd/.zshenv
> /Users/gerd/emacs/github/cl-packages % ls ~/.zshenv 
> /Users/gerd/.zshenv

Looks good.

> But the ls output is in purple, on the terminal.

No problem, Tramp uses terminal type "dumb". And it filters remaining
ANSI control escape sequences.

Please run now the instrumented test, hopefully, we know more then.

Best regards, Michael.

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