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Re: bug#54458: 27.2; erc-dcc-get: Re-entering top level after C stack ov

From: J.P.
Subject: Re: bug#54458: 27.2; erc-dcc-get: Re-entering top level after C stack overflow
Date: Sun, 03 Apr 2022 12:46:06 -0700
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Fernando de Morais <fernandodemorais.jf@gmail.com> writes:

> Sorry for the late response.

Not at all. If anything's late, it's our addressing this after decades.

> I applied your latest patch (0002) and file transfers larger than
> 120~150 MB, as well as much larger ones, completed successfully!
> The only different behaviors I noticed in Emacs was the fact that it
> stops responding when transfers go beyond a certain percentage of
> completion (I couldn't be sure of the number, but in my experiments it
> happens above 45%) and the impossibility of transferring more than one
> file at the same time.

Neither of those sounds particularly pleasant. In fact, they sound like
regressions. So, just to clarify:

 - Before the proposed patch, simultaneous transfers were possible, and
   now they're not.

 - Before this patch, unresponsiveness wasn't a thing (crashing and
   scary messages aside), but now it is.

I'll admit to callously not even considering the first, and I might have
trouble reproducing the second but will certainly give it a go.

> Other than that, transfers go as expected.
> Thank you! I'll be using this patched version of `erc-dcc-get-filter'.

You're welcome, but hopefully we™ can do better (amid tackling ERC's
rather pressing, even borderline existential problems).

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