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Re: [emacs-humanities] Paper Zettelkasten safety [was: Why Emacs-humanit

From: Ihor Radchenko
Subject: Re: [emacs-humanities] Paper Zettelkasten safety [was: Why Emacs-humanities?]
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2021 22:09:18 +0800

Jean Louis <bugs@gnu.support> writes:

> ... I wonder what you mean with
> font lock, as if font lock will not make it disappear, maybe it could,
> but there is no such integration as of now.

Yes, font-lock can make things disappear. And there is integration. See

> ... As a side note, if any editing is lost I can revert
> back to it from the database revision system.

You can do the same with any text-based system with git or any other
version control. Though I am currently thinking about integrating commit
messages into the org files themselves. I guess Hyperscope already does
this when editing metadata. But not for edits in the linked documents,
as I understand.

>> Sure. And it is how I see it in my Emacs. Because there is
>> adaptive-wrap-prefix-mode 
> I cannot find that function.

It is provided by adaptive-wrap package from ELPA. Also, you may find
https://github.com/joostkremers/visual-fill-column useful.

> We have to come to point of installing it all together and easily. If
> you wish to try I can help, it requires chat I guess to help you.

Unless I miss something, the instructions are in
I plan to follow this instruction when I get some more time. Or will it
be not sufficient?


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