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Re: [Orgmode] working with remember

From: Piotr Zielinski
Subject: Re: [Orgmode] working with remember
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2007 19:55:15 +0100

On 06/04/07, Bastien <address@hidden> wrote:
Salut François,

address@hidden (François Lagarde) writes:

> My question is, if (and how) would be possible to find quickly (I mean
> with a keyboard shortcut) all notes belonging to the current buffer.

I don't think there is any easy way for now.

This would require something like an org registry: a table linking buffers
and the locations in which they are referred to.  I wrote a similar tool
for planner (planner-registry), so doing this for Org is lingering in my
head for ages...

If you write it, I'll use it :-)

Here are another idea that I'd be happy if somebody implemented:

When programming, it is common to write comments like "todo:" or
"fixme:".  It would be nice to have a tool that could treat these
comments as notes and aggregate them in some way.  For example, it
could display the list of todos in the current file.  This is, in
essence, the emacs "occur" command with a regexp matching todos.
Seems simple, but would be useful I think.

It might even make sense to take this idea further and allow users to
use a limited form of org-mode markup as comments directly in target
files (TODOs, DEADLINEs, etc.)  One simple way to do it would be to
have a background job that periodically scans all opened files for
comments matching some specific pattern, and autogenerates an org-file
from them.  You can then have this file included in your agenda list,
and you'll get all the benefits of org-mode for free.  Any comments?

The "linkd" project seems to be related to this idea.  Does anybody
has any experiences with using it?


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