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Re: [O] Org-mode is not able to manage complex calendar events

From: Karl Voit
Subject: Re: [O] Org-mode is not able to manage complex calendar events
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2011 17:51:25 +0200
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* Eric S Fraga <address@hidden> wrote:
> Karl Voit <address@hidden> writes:
>> IMHO: Org-mode does *not* seem to be made for managing calendar
>> events that go beyond simple one-time-occurrence events. 
> I would argue that this is not at all the case, especially if you
> consider that org uses a tree hierarchy and tags so that one can group
> separate entries in a variety of ways, 

This is fore sure a big advantage of Org-mode!

> you can clone with time shift whole trees, etc.  

Oh, I have to look up that clone thing. This is new to me. Do you
happen to have an URL for this feature by instance?

> Most calendar tools require you to specify all the
> conditions for a particular "event" in one go whereas with org you can
> have a number of different entries for the same "event"... etc.

Full ack.

> Also, with sexp, you can manage practically anything you might like
> although, of course, it does require learning a certain amount of
> elisp.  Recurring events with exceptions are not a problem, for
> instance.

I'd consider myself tech-savvy. But without having learned (E)LISP
(yet), I can not use sexp-entries without reading a manual each time
I want to use it. This is nothing I'd consider for normal users or
daily use. It's not that end-user friendly (when you consider
end-users as users without ELISP knowledge).

For ELISP hackers this might work! But I am not sure how much
percentage of Emacs/Org-mode users actually learned ELISP.

And learning ELISP just to be able to write down a recurring event
seems «strange» to me.

> In any case, as always with computer tools, what works for you is what
> matters!  

Full Ack.

> For me, org is just plainly much more suitable for my mode of
> working; every other calendar system I have tried has constrained me
> much more.  But that's *me*.

This holds for most of the calendar systems out there, I totally

(This is why I still carry around my old PalmOS-PDA together with my
highly sophisticated Android smartphone...)

>> but you *have* to support at least the same featureset of Outlook
>> Calendar in order to think of a (two-way-) sync mechanism to
>> Org-mode.
> I guess this depends on what types of events you are likely to
> have in the outlook calendar.  In my case, only a small feature
> set is likely necessary (mostly repeating lectures and one off
> meetings) so a sync should be possible.  I don't think anybody is
> proposing a full-blown totally automatic sync mechanism between
> org and Outlook (or whatever) that covers the union of the two
> products' feature sets...  insanity lies in that direction ;-)

Sorry, I might have exaggerated a bit.

But since I was implementing a one-way-sync mechanism between two
different calendar systems I got a pretty good feeling of how
different you can define the very same thing. Recurring events with
exceptions is quite common but very hard to sync between different
systems! And I am sure that this is not the only example of «being
common and hard to do».

> But I'll worry about this later this year when forced to use MS...

Oh, sorry to hear about that :-(

For ELISP-hackers out there: is this hard to do? A method which
can be called «generate a series of Org-mode time stamps starting

I could think of generating such a series of <2011-06-22 Wed>
<2011-06-29 Wed> ... just to be able to see all occurrences of an
event and delete one specific event in between if necessary. This
would ease exceptions for «ordinary» users like me.

Karl Voit

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