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Re: [O] Calendar-like view of the org-agenda

From: Manuel Hermenegildo
Subject: Re: [O] Calendar-like view of the org-agenda
Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2011 11:39:47 +0200

First, thanks very much to Sakurai for a wonderful tool and having
integrated it so well with org!

 > For me, creating a custom org agenda with the next 21 days takes
 > not much less than building an calfw calendar buffer with 42 days.

Same here, the times are comparable. For me building the org calendar
is a little slower but it makes sense because it is running some
filters, while calfw is not.  Which brings me to my question, which is
related to:

 > One thing which I'm currently missing is that the calfw entries
 > gathered from org are missing the times (if that's specified using the
 > 'time text property) and are sorted in an order I can't understand.

Seems like calfw is ignoring the org priorities and order.  In my case
the problem is that calfw is gathering all the tasks ignoring my per
tag filters. I explain: in my case I only want to see in my agenda
entries that have a certain tag (my tag): I share org files with other
people and we assign tasks by marking E.g., I am MH and my tasks are

* TODO Thank Sakurai for a great tool <2011-07-05 Tue>  :MH:

which should appear in my agenda and there are other tasks like:

* TODO Write paper  <2011-07-05 Tue> :JF:

which should only appear in JF's agenda. This is done using a custom
agenda command that filters by tag.

It seems to me too complicated to try to reproduce all the nuances and
capabilities of org agenda generation (priorities, filtering, custom
views, etc.) and do it all again in calfw --it would always be very
hard to keep them in sync.

I have not had time to look at the code, but perhaps calfw, instead of
reading directly the org files could instead use the org code that
generates the agenda and then present the agenda in its very nice and
graphical way. I.e., an idea would be to add a back end to the code
that generates the org agenda which, instead of rendering the agenda
creates the calfw objects.

Or, perhaps even simpler, calfw could simply read the org-agenda
buffer (colors and all) instead of reading the org files.  

This would have the enormous advantage that it would always generate
the tasks with the same order, priorities, filters, customizations,
etc. as the org agenda.

What do you think?


Manuel Hermenegildo                       | Prof., C.S.Dept., T.U. Madrid (UPM)
Director, IMDEA SW Institute & CLIP Group | +34-91-336-7435 (W) -352-4819 (Fax)

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