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Re: [O] Cannot convert to Odt

From: Jambunathan K
Subject: Re: [O] Cannot convert to Odt
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2013 08:02:33 +0530
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Tim Hawes <address@hidden> writes:

> Jambunathan K writes:
> I am able to convert the same file on my home laptop with org-version
> 7.8.11
> Nonetheless, I tried it with this minimal file:
> #+STARTUP: showeverything
> * Heading 1
>   1. Item 1

> starting emacs with emacs -Q I am getting this error:
> ("emacs")
> Loading term/xterm...done
> For information about GNU Emacs and the GNU system, type C-h C-a.
> kmacro-call-macro: No kbd macro has been defined
> Making completion list... [2 times]
> Export buffer: 
> Debug (org-odt): Searching for OpenDocument schema files...
> Debug (org-odt): Trying 
> /usr/pkg/share/emacs/24.2/lisp/contrib/odt/etc/schema/...
> Debug (org-odt): No OpenDocument schema files installed
> Debug (org-odt): Searching for OpenDocument styles files...
> Debug (org-odt): Trying /usr/pkg/share/emacs/24.2/lisp/etc/styles/...
> Debug (org-odt): Trying /usr/pkg/share/emacs/24.2/lisp/org/etc/styles/...
> Debug (org-odt): Trying /usr/pkg/share/emacs/24.2/etc/org/...
> Debug (org-odt): Using styles under /usr/pkg/share/emacs/24.2/etc/org/
> Exporting to ODT using org-lparse...
> Using vacuous schema
> org-babel-exp processing... [2 times]
> org-odt-format-source-code-or-example-colored: Symbol's function
> definition is void: copy-seq
> byte-code: Beginning of buffer [16 times]

The ODT exporter is 7.8.11 version.  (The presence of org-lparse says it
is a 7.8 version)

You are having a old version of Emacs and hence org-odt.el.  Try
upgrading it to emacs-24.3 (or whatever is the newest stable version) or
the latest Org-7.8.X version.


I see no correspondence between the example Org file and the problem
reported.  Problematic path gets triggered only if there are source
blocks.  The Org file has no source block.  Definitely there is
something amiss at your side.


Org-7.8.11 is more or less on life-support.  Issues with Org-8.0 will be
more interesting.  Make sure to use GNU ELPA package and isolate
the issue further.

Start Emacs *normally*.  (Otherwise the exporter used will be the old

*After* export, try 

    M-x org-version RET

    M-x locate-library RET org-compat RET

and ensure that the right version of Org is picked up.

The problem comes from one of the shell blocks (either babel execution
or source block coloration.)


>> (New file)
>> It may have something to do with what you have in your Org file.  Try
>> "minimizing" your Org file one by one until you find where the problem
>> is.

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