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[O] Include heading title in HTML section-number cross-reference, like L

From: D. C. Toedt
Subject: [O] Include heading title in HTML section-number cross-reference, like LaTex \nameref?
Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2014 15:11:22 -0600

I'm using Org-mode version 8.2.5f with Gnu Emacs 24.3 on a Macbook Air with Mavericks. I'm using it to build building an annotated collection of contract clauses that I'm releasing under a Creative Commons license (see http://www.CommonDraft.org), which I hope to monetize with a book on contract drafting and negotiation.

I've done a fair amount of Google searching and also searching within this list. If the following isn't already implemented, I'd pay USD$100 (via PayPal) to have that done to whoever implements it in an official org-mode release, plus another USD$100 donation to the org-mode maintainer.

QUESTION:  When org-mode headings are NUMBERED, and the file is exported to HTML, is there any way to have org-mode include the TITLE, not just the section number, of a cross-referenced section, along the lines of the LaTex \nameref{} function?  Here's an example:


#+OPTIONS: H:7 TOC:nil @:t num:1 email:t author:t

* Introduction to Technology Contracts
  :CUSTOM_ID: IntroTechContracts

Lorem ipsum etc. etc.

* Dangerous Clauses
  :CUSTOM_ID: DangerousClauses

Lorem ipsum etc. etc. -- see Section [[#IntroTechContracts]].


With numbering turned ON (#+OPTIONS: num:1), the link is exported to HTML as:  Section <a href="">

With numbering turned OFF (#+OPTIONS: num:nil), the link is exported to HTML as:  Section <a href="" to Technology Contracts</a>.

Using a macro, I'd like to be able to AUTOMATICALLY do the latter --- that is, have the link text be the heading title --- even with numbering turned ON, so that a macro such as {{{SECREF(IntroTechContracts)}}} would render in HTML as, let's say:   Section <a href="" entitled "<a href="" to Technology Contracts</a>."

Is that currently doable?

. C. Toedt III 
 last name is pronounced "Tate"
Attorney and neutral arbitrator -- tech contracts and intellectual property

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Common Draft annotated collection of contract clauses

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