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Re: [O] backend for todo.txt format (todotxt.com)

From: Stefan Huchler
Subject: Re: [O] backend for todo.txt format (todotxt.com)
Date: Sun, 17 Jan 2016 03:21:03 +0100
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> Rasmus <address@hidden> writes:

> Maybe CalDav?  There's a tool on F-droid called Tasks (or maybe Task) that
> can sync via DAVDroid to REPO..  Maybe org-caldav.el could be extended to
> support the sync. tasks between Org and REPO.

> Rasmus

hmm then each task have to get assigned to a date I guess? Despite that
I kind of like that solution, the name of the app is tasks btw but
there are 2 with that name in f-droid, the right one has a green
background and is lisensed under apache2 lisense.

I am not shure which solution I like more yours or the other todo.txt
solution somebody else posted here I have a bit of overhead
with the owncloud server, but 2way sync should work at least I read
something like that on the org-caldav.el site.

So it should actually work, I am just not shure about if I need a
date. I seldom (have to) force me into setting deadlines. So most of the
time its only tasks that I do when I have time and I am in the mood.

I guess maybe to test I could sync the caldav file manuelly one way to
test how I like the app/usecase. and when I like it and it works
reasonable well I can setup owncloud.

If I can put it some fake dates or leave them out it seems that would be
the better solution if the app is good enough.

Thx for that great suggestion!

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