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Re: [O] backend for todo.txt format (todotxt.com)

From: Stefan Huchler
Subject: Re: [O] backend for todo.txt format (todotxt.com)
Date: Sun, 17 Jan 2016 05:56:34 +0100
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Rasmus <address@hidden> writes:

> Stefan Huchler <address@hidden> writes:
>> Maybe export/import backend is the wrong way to go, a sync or exchange
>> feature would be better so maybe org-agenda todo export/import ability
>> would be better? but for now a export alone would be an advancement.
>> dont know if import or export can update/replace lines?
> Maybe CalDav?  There's a tool on F-droid called Tasks (or maybe Task) that
> can sync via DAVDroid to REPO..  Maybe org-caldav.el could be extended to
> support the sync. tasks between Org and REPO.
> Rasmus

lol now I even fail into setting up org-caldav. installed it over the
package manager over melpa, installed owncloud onto my server.

seems to work, kind of no error. but there are no entries into the
calendar exported.

  (require 'org-caldav)
  (setq org-caldav-calendars '((:calendar-id "personal"
                  :files ("~/notes/organizer.org")
                  :inbox "~/notes/from-smartphone.org")))

when I try to org-caldav-delete-everything it starts to ask me about
google incredients, even I overwrite/shadowed that with the settings I

I also made some one level todo headings set deadline and shedule
date. it adds this ids, but nothing lands on the server. great :)

hard to debug something you cant reset and that gives you no error.

Not to say that the github project page is not a big help in setting
that up I think that should be right what I configured there.

The user exists, it says somethnig like:

CalDAV Sync finished.
Nothing was done.

has it maybe be in the agenda listed filed or something.

Guess have to add a bugreport for this tomorow. At least I can use this
owncloud server too for the other suggested solution there I also need
to sync/send a file somehow.

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