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[O] Detect parent with SCHEDULED or DEADLINE

From: Christophe Schockaert
Subject: [O] Detect parent with SCHEDULED or DEADLINE
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2016 00:06:15 +0200

Hi fellow org-moders,

I am seeking to list all actions in "NEXT" state that are not planned
yet (scheduled, deadline or planning tag such as WEEK, MONTH, and other
well known :).

I will consider as planned an action which is in a subtree of a parent
action which is itself planned.

That's easy for tags, since I have inheritance, but according to
http://article.gmane.org/gmane.emacs.orgmode/49215, there is no
inheritance for SCHEDULED and DEADLINE properties.

So, I inspired myself from the proposed solution and I wrote the
following function, used in an agenda block :

#+BEGIN_SRC lisp
;; Function to skip scheduled or deadline
(defun r3v/skip-inherited-scheduled-or-deadline ()
  "Skip tasks that inherit from SCHEDULED or DEADLINE"
  (let ((next-headline (save-excursion (or (outline-next-heading) (point-max))))
        (inherited-scheduled (org-entry-get-with-inheritance "SCHEDULED"))
        (inherited-deadline (org-entry-get-with-inheritance "DEADLINE")))
    ;; I will consider the scheduled part if I can make it work with
    ;; deadlines first
    (if (org-not-nil inherited-deadline)

;; Extract from agenda block
          ((org-agenda-overriding-header "Non planned 'NEXT' actions")
           (org-agenda-skip-function 'r3v/skip-inherited-scheduled-or-deadline)
           ;; I don't think this one is needed, but in case I enabled it:
           (org-use-property-inheritance t)
           (org-agenda-todo-ignore-scheduled t)
           (org-agenda-todo-ignore-deadlines t)
           (org-agenda-todo-ignore-with-date t)
           (org-tags-match-list-sublevels t)
            '(priority-down todo-state-down effort-up category-up))))

However, it never detects a deadline, or scheduled property, *even if
assigned on the heading itself*.

I tried that on a very simple subtree :

* TODO Parent todo
DEADLINE: <2016-04-15 ven.>
:ParentProp:   ValPar
** NEXT SubAction
:SubProp:   Val

I also tried to eval the following expression, manually from the tree :

#+BEGIN_SRC lisp
;;;;; With DEADLINE properties, the behavior acts strangely ;;;;;

(org-entry-get nil "DEADLINE")
;; As expected:
;; - On "Parent todo", returns <2016-04-15 ven.>
;; - On "SubAction", returns nil

(org-entry-get nil "DEADLINE" t)
;; As expected:
;; - On "Parent todo", returns <2016-04-15 ven.>
;; /!\ NOT expected:
;; - On "SubAction", still returns nil

(org-entry-get-with-inheritance "DEADLINE")
;; /!\ NOT expected:
;; - On "Parent todo", returns nil
;; - On "SubAction", returns nil

;;;;; With custom properties, it works as I expect it ;;;;;

(org-entry-get nil "ParentProp")
;; - On "Parent todo", returns "ValPar"
;; - On "SubAction", returns nil

(org-entry-get nil "ParentProp" t)
;; - On "Parent todo", returns "ValPar"
;; - On "SubAction", returns "ValPar"

(org-entry-get-with-inheritance "ParentProp")
;; - On "Parent todo", returns "ValPar"
;; - On "SubAction", returns "ValPar"

Globally, org-use-property-inheritance is set to nil.

I currently have Org "8.3.3-43-g0b97a5-elpaplus" from ELPA as reported.

There might also be an easier way I didn't think of to achieve what I
want (list actions not planned), but I would also like to understand
what's wrong or what should be done to make the function work.

Any help will be appreciated :)
Kind Regards,


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